Welcome to the Parish of Exning with Landwade



January 29th The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany

11.15 am

Benefice Communion

St Agnes Church

Bury Road Newmarket

February 5th (Candlemas)

11 am


St Martin


Please pray for:

Ann, Jean, Margaret, David, Avril, Ann, Vera, Sarah, Bridget, Emma, Nicholas, Ann, Barrington, Pauline, Arthur, Cedric, Sandra, Betty, David,Nick,Andreea and Dawn who are in particular need of prayer at this time. 

The families and friends of those who have died recently, particularly those mourning the death of Jack Simpson.

For Joseph, Noah, Thomas, Katie and Csilla who have been baptised this month.


Events for weeks commencing January 22nd and 29th








23rd January

12.30 -3 pm

Warm Space including the Soup Bowl

Exning Community Church Hall

Sarah Price


23rd January

7.45 pm

PCC meeting

St Martin

John Pascall


24th January

11 am

Funeral of Jack Simpson

St Philip with St Etheldreda

Revd. Colin McCarty


30th January

12.30 – 3 pm

Warm Space including the Soup Bowl

Exning Community Church Hall

Sarah Price



JOINT COMMUNION SERVICE AT ST AGNES' CHURCH ON 29th JANUARY To remove any confusion, please note that the time of this service is 11.15 am. Thank you. John Pascall


OUR EXILDA’S ANGELS ZAMBIA continues post-Covid with Exilda and myself (trustees) excitingly and recently revisiting our wonderful school project over eight days last November. In brief, our school is truly a beacon in the darkness and school attendance has grown from 100 pupils in 2014 when we officially opened, to an astonishing 460, with extra teachers. The high standard of education now brings children walking up to four miles one way. Whilst the community has built a mud brick classroom block, the immediate need is for an additional 1 x 2 classroom block. Thus, we agreed to support this aim by setting a new project team in place and have fundraised 50% of the build cost, with an overall plan of official opening ceremony November 2024. We are also in the process of Zambia registration of our UK charity, and a Zambia bank account. Alan Shand (The monies raised from the Murder Mystery on 4 th February will be shared between Exilda’s Angels and Parish funds.) ALAN extends a warm welcome to you all when he will be giving a presentation on the work of Exilda’s Angels on Friday 17 th February at 7.00 p.m. in Exning Community Church Hall.


NAMES OF THOSE REQUESTING PRAYER If you have requested prayer for yourself or someone else, and feel that it is no longer specifically needed, would you tell me please, so that I can remove the name. I will not remove anyone without a specific request. Thank you John Pascall

EXNING VICARAGE You may have noticed that Exning Vicarage is occupied again. However, this does not indicate the appointment of a new parish priest. Instead, the house has been rented out for six months whilst the long process of the appointment of a priest occurs. Please do not disturb the current occupants of the house – Thank you. Assuming the appointment process proceeds smoothly, we hope to have a new priest installed by the late Summer/Early Autumn. John Pascall


FUNERAL OF JACK SIMPSON The funeral will take place at St Philip's with St Etheldreda's Church at 11 am on the 24th January.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT! As a new comer to Exning Warm Space I must congratulate Sarah Price and her happy band of helpers who organise this regular Monday lunchtime event. I understand it was initially aimed to provide a warm space with a free bowl of soup and hot drinks to anyone struggling with the ever increasing living costs. Like many people I am grateful to have my own warm space and food in the larder, but if like me you live alone, the warmth of company and fellowship which Sarah and her team provide is a real tonic and better than any medicine!

So if you are reading this while sitting alone at home thinking ”No, it’s not for me” then I urge you to think again. Don’t be shy, just contact Sarah ( 07762 282103) and come along for a couple of hours or so, I can vouch you will leave feeling uplifted and with a smile on your face.

MURDER MYSTERY This year our Murder Mystery returns with “ Death on the Nail” on Saturday Feb 4th. Strictly Murder are back after a three year gap, with a not to be missed new production. Tickets which include a two course meal, raffle and some serious detection are available from Jenny King 578344 and should be booked before January 28th.  This popular evening has only 50 tickets available, so early booking is advised. Jan Lovegrove

ANNUAL CHURCH REPORT 2022 I am beginning to put together the paperwork for the 2022 report. If you normally write a report for inclusion (about committees, groups etc) could you please begin to think about writing them. I would like them all by the end of February please. John Pascall

CHARITABLE GIVING 2023. As you will be aware, each year the parish donates 5% of its income from in service collections and free-will offerings to charities. Normally we aim to give to three charities, at least one of which must be Christian and one local. If you have any suggestions for this year's donations, please send them to me by 28th February. If we have more than three nominations, we will organise a vote in March. John Pascall 

ADVANCE NOTICE OF ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETING (APCM). This year's APCM will take place on Sunday 30th April at midday, immediately after the joint benefice service scheduled for 11 am that day. This will be followed by a pot-luck lunch in the hall. We are trying this change to see if we can increase attendance at the APCM which has become quite small. John Pascall

OPEN THE BOOK We are looking for new and the return of previous people who would like to be involved with the 'Open the Book' team. We have been managing with 2 people each time, since the relaxing of the Covid restrictions in schools. We've been into Exning Primary school once every half term. There is the possiblity to go back to Laureate school but we need a bigger team.

We have one person do the introductory part. Then one of us is the Narrator, and the second person is either the lead person of the story or supports the children in their words and/or actions. I will write out the script and actions that the individual children/whole assembly need to do. We find, in our store, relevant costumes for the lead people and props. We try to do a run through of the story with all the participants.

At the end of the story, one of us does a summary/thoughts and prayer - that is set out.

We finish with a song that the school has chosen. At Exning, they wanted to have 'He's got the whole world in His hands', so that the little ones can easily remember, as they won't be able to read the words.

If you'd like to be involved please contact Sarah Price 07762 282103 or sarahcprice85@gmail.com

The only requirements: Disclosing and Barring Service check which the school will require - this will be done by St Martin's; and an interest in participating.


WARM SPACE THIS WINTER.  The Day Centre, Fred Archer Way welcomes all ages to come in, have a warm, a chat, coffee, tea, snacks, lunch and much more 9.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.


TEA AND COFFEE ROTA ST MARTINS  If you can help with teas/coffees at St Martin’s, could you please let me know or put your name on the list in church. You will need to bring milk and a few biscuits. Tea/coffee and sugar are provided. Dates; January 15th, February 5th and 19th, March. 5th and 19th.

It would also be nice to have Tea/Coffee at St Philip with St Etheldreda after joint services; those dates are: January 8th, February 12th, March 12th   Many thanks, Christine Pearce 01638 664314

ST PHILIP WITH ST ETHELDREDA have vacancies for the following:- Cleaners, Sides-people and Coffee Makers Whilst the previous appeal bore some fruit and we are most grateful to those who rallied to the call, we still have a few slots to fill, so if you are a regular attendee at P & E and can help in anyway to lighten the load your support will be most welcome. The rotas are on the Notice Board so please have a word with Pam Morter or Jennie Oakman Thank you.

MESSAGE FROM REVD.JOHN HARDY I just wanted to let you know that I've been making good use of the extremely generous Amazon gift card I was given on retirement by the people of Exning parish.

I have purchased, so far, a selection of history books, especially to do with the history of writing and publishing in England, from Victorian times till now. I have another book of the same kind on order, to arrive when it's published in April.

If this sounds a somewhat 'niche' interest, it is - but in its own way rather fascinating, especially seeing that literal pen and ink 'writing' and old-fashioned typeset publishing has practically disappeared in favour of word-processed, digital publications.

These volumes are going to keep me out of mischief on my desert island (think of Blakeney Point) for some time to come. They are also excellent guidebooks to a lot of related literature, so will not lose their usefulness anytime soon.

So a big Thank you, once again, for your kindness. It's much appreciated.

FOOD BANK CURRENT NEEDS: As of 19 July, we are currently very short of many staples. Demand remains as usual but donations have significantly reduced, presumably because many people are feeling the cost of living problems. If you can help with any of the following it would be a great help:-

Granulated sugar, tinned veg (sweetcorn, peas, carrots), pasta sauces, sachets of instant Ccustard, tinned fruit, tins of rice pudding and jams.

We still have masses of baked beans, soups and pasta so do not need any more of those.

With grateful thanks for your continued support, every blessing. Dr Tony White.

Open Door Foodbank, Unit 5, Craven Way, Newmarket, CB80BW.  01638 561711








Associate Priest

Revd Cheryl Belding

07801 499179

Parish Safeguarding Officer

Christine Pearce

01638 664314


Derek Bryant

01638 577581 / 07706 749611


John Pascall

01638 578372 / 07985 791524


For additional contacts please see the contacts page