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The Knit & Natter meetings are open to all and usually meet weekly on Thursday evenings.

Knit and Natter alternates where it meets. If you are not one of the regulars and would like to join us, could you contact Judy first to check where we will be on 07540888198. We are working on a number of projects at the moment including jumpers, scarves and blankets. If you would like to get involved but can't meet up on a Thursday, do call me and I will give you more details.  JUDY HORTT


THE NATTERERS ARE KNITTING AGAIN!  This time we are knitting Easter bits and pieces. Our teddies were well received by the new intake at the primary school in Zambia, but after talking with Alan Shand, we realise that in addition to teddies the children need a secondary school! This is slightly beyond our knitting abilities! But, we can make things to sell so that we can contribute, with your support, to the funds needed to start the building. Our plan is to sell and take orders for Easter knitties during March. Some people have already placed orders and once these have been fulfilled we will bring our wares to both churches on Sundays leading up to Easter. For more information on the charity your money goes to see . JUDY HORRT Feb 2016

These teddies were knitted by the group and sent to Chita primary school in Zambia

Below is a report on a local meeting and photos of pupils with the teddies




Dear all.

Sweet greetings from Chita primary school, Mpika Zambia

hope you are all well. We are okay here.

I am hereby reporting on the meeting with the 7 headmen with their committee members on the issue of the secondary school at Chita. (These 7 headmen and their committees are not those working at Chita primary school).

The meet attracted their attention, and welcomed the construction of the secondary school at Chita, and promised to work together with the other 7 villages already working at the school.An interesting thing that drew attention is that in our ward, we donít have any single secondary school, all secondary schools are in other wards (this is a comment, commented by the headmen during comments/questions time)

Building of the secondary school at Chita is big welcome!!!  

And willing to contribute their local contributions, and waiting to hear your next steps.In another development, Chita school has planted 112 English timber trees, and teddies were given to grade1s (see photos).

We really appreciate you.

God bless you all.

Andrew Bwalya





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