Parish of Exning with Landwade

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This Summer event was held at the stream in Church Lane on Saturday June 6th from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Proceeds went to Water Action, and although we had met our target, EU funding was still available to quadruple the money we raised, and what better than a water borne event to do it?

The main focus of the day was the Duck races .... ...with prizes for the winners (this for All Comers)
Races for all age groups ..........
......... and Side shows ..............
hot dogs, sandwiches, cakes................. Thanks to The Bathstore, Newmarket, for getting involved by sponsoring the cost of the food this year.....and providing the mascot and balloons

Program of Races

12.30 pm Senior Ducks 60 years and over
12.50 pm Teeny Quackers 7 years and under
1.10 pm Daffy Duck Stakes 8 to 14 years
1.30 pm Ladies Race  
1.50 pm All Comers all ages
Exning's First Duck Race Day was held June 2, 2007

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