Parish of Exning with Landwade

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P.C.C. Members from 2009 A.G.M.

Members of the P.C.C. are either ex-officio or elected by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) in accordance with the Church Representation Rules.

Position Name Term of Office Ends at APCM:
Incumbent Revd. Joyce Williams  
Assistant Priest Revd Colin McCarty  

Susan Allison                    

Wardens   John Pascall 2010
  John Reed 2010
Deputy Warden Derek Bryant 2010
Pro-wardens  Jenny Oakman 2010
   Lesley Gill   2010
Deanery Synod   Representatives  Jenny King  2011
  Barbara Browes  2011

Elected Members

Linda Downing 2010
  Janet Langham 2010
  Gillian Nicholson 2010
  Christine Conway-Jarrett 2011
  Michael Lovegrove 2011
  Marion Roberts. 2011

Cheryl Belding,

  Tracey Dove, 2012
  Patsy Edwards. 2012
Co-opted Members: as Secretary Vanessa Hooley  
Co-opted Members:  as Treasurer Derek Nicholson  

Members meeting in St Martin's Church may 13, 2009

Changes to PCC Committees

 There have been some changes to the PCC committees and they affect us all.

Please read on: 

1. The Mission and Pastoral committee no longer exist. It has been replaced by a group to be known as the Communications and Support Group. This group will include our Communications Officer, Ann, and for its first year will be headed up by Jan Lovegrove and Jenny King who will aid the transition from the Mission and Pastoral committee into the new group.

 It’s really a ministry of helps, to enable the ‘donkey work’ of the church to get done. This group will only meet when there are tasks that need attention and should provide a pool of people to help get things done. The more donkeys we have the lighter the burden they have to carry!

 (It’s been pointed out to me that Jesus rode on a donkey so it’s a privilege to be called a donkey!)

 *If you are willing and able to be a ‘donkey ‘please read the notice in the Opps sheet. {WEN}

2. The Fundraising and Social committee no longer exists.

This hasn’t been replaced by another committee – it’s been devolved to the whole of the church!

Ideas for fundraising/social events may be generated at the St Martin’s & St Philip’s Voice meetings or they may come from an in individual who has an idea for an event. 

3. The system is:

·        Decide on the event, venue etc

·        Contact Ann who will check the church diary

·        The idea is then sent to the PCC 

The PCC have always been informed of prospective events so that we are able to keep the church diary balanced. 

4. Once the idea for an event is agreed then it’s up to the person who generated it to work with Ann to advertise it, prepare tickets etc and then to ask people to help you.

It could be that you involve friends from outside of the immediate church.  

This method takes the responsibility for events away from a few overworked people and opens it to us all.

You may not have wanted to be on a committee and feel the pressure of having to organise everything, but it could be that you have one thing that you would like to make happen to raise money for our church -

 so now you can just go for it!

From Joyce ~ on behalf of the PCC.



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